BONASSE ENTERPRISES CO., LTD. was established in 1982 and started with importing contact lens making equipment & contact lens blanks, also exporting contact lens cases as well. By foreseeing the great growing potential for contact lens wearer that would lead to a substantial demand for contact lens cases and accessories, we made the transition to produce our own contact lens cases in 1985.

With strong background and knowledge about the characteristics of contact lenses and composition formula for contact lens solution, we understand perfectly how to select the right plastic resin as well as managing the perfect moldings design for making lens cases that assumes harmless to contact lenses and prevent toxic-exudation from affecting the function of lens solution. 

Along with more than 25 years manufacturing research and expertise, BONASSE is now in possession of more than 280 molds that can produce more than 90 kinds of contact lens cases and accessories. BONASSE has variety of lens case selections to best suit whichever contact lens, solution and also laboratory usage cases….etc. which you could demand and imagine. Due to strict quality control, punctual delivery and pricing competitiveness in the past years, BONASSE has been supplying relevant products to most of leading contact lens and solution laboratories worldwide.

For the purpose of meeting global marketing demand growth, BONASSE relocated to a new plant in 2009 with a terri tory of 1,250 Sq. Meter (15,999 Sq.Ft.) and building of 2,100 Sq. Meter (25,200 Sq.Ft.), future perspective of BONASSE is to continue pursuing highest quality with best desinged products and looking forward to cooperating with companies interested in this field.